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About Us

Bizofit is a unique “Crowdsourced Innovation” Platform for Enterprises, and “Business Development-as-a-Service” Platform for Tech companies.

The Innovation Platform is targeted towards small, medium and large enterprises. Enterprises can “Post Problems / Challenges”, and crowdsource Solutions.  The Platform has full-life cycle features to Identify, Evaluate, and Select Technology Solutions.

Bizofit, launched by IT Services industry veteran Bala Palamadai, seeks to disrupt the IT Services space, by challenging the status quo – based on legacy sourcing approaches, legacy Service Providers and legacy engagement models – that resulted in sub-optimal solutions, huge costs and limited adoption of Transformational solutions in several organizations. Identifying a new IT vendor takes up to nine months – an unacceptably high time frame in today’s world. Also, a little known fact is that new customer acquisition often costs as high as 20-30% of revenues for IT Service Providers, a cost which ultimately is borne by Enterprise Customers.

Through adoption of its Platform, Bizofit seeks to eliminate these inefficiencies and reduce costs, and most importantly present Enterprises with Transformational & Innovative Digital Solutions.

While the Platform has several attractive features, the ‘4P SUGAR Quadrants’ is a unique differentiator. ‘4P’ refers to Bizofit’s proprietary framework for evaluating Solutions along the four dimensions of Platform, People, Process and Partnerships; and SUGAR is an acronym for ‘Specialized User Generated Aggregate Rating’. As the name suggests, this is based on Rating by Specialized Users, namely Customers and Analysts.

Number of Service Providers listed : 23082

Number of Reviews : 4980

Shortlisted Service Providers that would be asked to submit Proposals/ Quotes