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Amazing Features
Business Challenges
Enterprises are able to post business challenges and receive innovative solutions from a community of over 21,000 Solutionists; all via an intuitive Mobile Platform.
User feedback
Enterprises provide feedback to Innovators on the solutions submitted towards a Business Challenge. Innovators receive feedback directly in their Innovation HQ Mobile App.
Hack-a-thons, events, workshops
‘Innovation HQ’ conducts Brainstorming sessions, Product demos and Solutioning workshops for your Business Challenges in partnership with Innovators.
Innovator Network
Bizofit currently consists of upwards of 20,000 Tech Innovators within it’s network. These Innovators / Solutionists represent Technologies such as SMAC, IoT, AR / VR, Blockchain, and RPA.
User Management
Solutionists can add multiple users to the platform. Each user can independently respond to Challenges and submit solutions to Business Challenges.
Platform Support
We engage with Enterprises in shortlisting Innovative solutions to their Business Challenges leveraging our proprietary 4P SUGAR Quadrant Framework.
  • Digital Marketing
  • Expert Developer
  • Quality Developer
  • Top Development Firm
  • User Experience

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